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  • reception building Tanama small Tanama Jungle Ranch
    In the middle of the Jungle
  • reception building Tanama small Tanama Jungle Ranch
    Jungle Adventures
  • butterfly house Tanama small Butterfly house Tanama
  • butterfly house Tanama small View in butterfly house Tanama
  • bromeliad display in hummingbird pavilion small Bromeliad display in hummingbird pavilion
  • jungle trail at Tanama small Jungle Trail at Tanama
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  • tropical vegetation on ranch Tropical vegetation on the ranch
  • central pavilion on the ranch Central pavilion on the ranch
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Tanama: the Ranch

... deep in the jungle near La Romana....

Sadly, in 2011 the ranch was destroyed by floods after tropical storm Elise. However this event has been the start of the creation of a totally new ecological ranch on the banks of the river Chavon, near La Romana, Dominican Republic. High hills surround the property, which have huge and very special tropical trees. The different buildings have been rebuilt to the most modern standards, without losing the jungle like feeling. And we have expanded the ranch with a number of features to make it a real eco-ranch. "Tanama" means 'butterfly' in the native Taino language, a creature with beautiful colors and very different forms of appearance.... Our ranch should grow into the same...

central building TanamaTanama is a place for butterflies, reptiles, hummingbirds and natural tropical vegetation ... and for people who appreciate the beauty and the tranquility.... Under supervision of botanists of the University of Santo Domingo a wealth of diversity is created. The tropical vegetation is all around, from the rare 'Rose of Bayahibe' to the more common coconut trees and palms.

Our viewing platforms give an excellent view of the river and the surrounding jungle. Our terraces guarantee a relaxed stay and they are carefully placed on the property to be able to enjoy the most interesting corners. The central court yard, in the shade of huge coconut trees, is surrounded by cages with local animals and birds. The kids don't have to be bored ....

The whole ranch is solar powered and totally 'off the grid', ecological gray and black water treatment is installed and we have adopted a strategy of 'zero emissions'. However we don't overdo our ecological responsibilities, the ranch is foremost a place of fun, learning and experiencing the jungle in the Dominican Republic. And we like to offer an interactive experience: you may touch the animals here...

We offer a number of different excursions for cruise passengers arriving in La Romana and for guests of the local resorts. Some excursions will start with the cruise and go stream up, some excursions only go stream down and some go both ways. Check the excursion page to find the one that suits you... And you can build your own excursion by combining different activities. All excursions are done in the most flexible manner to suit your needs. And all excursions fit the time schedule of the cruise ships docking in La Romana.

... Wonders of Nature ... :

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The ranch is situated on the banks of the Chavon river just east of La Romana and has plenty to offer. The ranch houses the largest butterfly garden of the country, we have a hummingbird pavilion, where wild hummingbird come to feed and in our reptile house you can see and touch the snakes, iguanas and tarantulas. The rainforest trail is unique. This trail, the butterfly garden, the hummingbird area and the reptile house are part of the guided tour. The areas below are accessible without the guide.


The Tanama Ranch

In the main building you'll find the reception, the bathrooms, the bar and the atelier. The whole ranch is built using local and natural materials. The ranch is totally 'off the grid', electricity is obtained by solar panels. The black and gray water treatment system is constructed using 'green' building techniques....

The Central Pavilion

The main area has cozy seats surrounded by tropical vegetation and placed in the shade of some of the largest palm trees of the Dominican Republic. The pavilion is surrounded by cages with various tropical birds, reptiles, a frog pond and a tortoise enclosure. While you are sipping your drink, the kids can enjoy the animals...

Endemic Animals

We have several local animals: parrots, iguanas, tortoises, snakes and more... The cages surround the reception area and you will have plenty of opportunity to have look....

The viewing tower and roof top terraces

You can have a bird eye view of the Chavon river if you climb our viewing platform. The roof top terraces ensure an intimate and relaxing stay to enjoy the tropical surroundings.

The Exotic Plant Trail

From the central pavilion you can access the tropical plant trail, we have an orchid route, bromeliads, the cactus garden and you'll find plants like the Guayiga, used by the Taino to make bread.

The Vulture Restaurant

Just in front of our main reception you will find our vulture restaurant. Wild vultures feed here and special terraces are built to have a close look... Just behind the vulture platform you'll see the pond filled with river fish ... our resident -but wild- fish hawks regularly snap a fish from the pond..

The bar and the Atelier

The Tanama Atelier is adjacent to the bar. In the little workshop you can see one of the women of Arte Cusero making typical jewelery. Arte Cusero is a relief project, financed by USAID, with the aim of poor families to provide a sustainable income for families from 'Village Padre Nuestro'. The women learn to make jewelry and curios from natural materials such as cow's horns and coconuts. You can buy very cheap wonderful things.

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